Friday, October 26, 2007

I got Dugg!

Wow the most amazing thing happened yesterday. A few days ago I posted my Emergency Zombie Defense Station on Craftster to show it off. It was an instant hit and I had several pages of feedback in a days time. After 5 or 6 pages over 2 days the replies stopped, but it continued to have lots of views. A couple thousand, more than anything else on page 1 of the miscellaneous section. Well all of that took a shocking change.

Someone posted my kit on this site called Digg. Near as I can tell it's a site where people post interesting things that they find on the internet and other people can check them out and say if they "digg it" or not. Well as of writing this there have been almost 200,000 views. So many views that the Craftster website was noticably slow yesterday and that I ran out of bandwidth on my free Photobucket account and had to spend a couple bucks to upgrade to the Pro version.

Of course most of the people commenting on the Digg site were jerks or had critisism, but what can you do? You can read all about it here and it will also link you to my Craftster posting.

I also realised that I unintentially used the American spelling of "Defense" instead of "Defence". I wonder if the spell check changed it for me or something. I usually try to stick to the English spelling of words. Oh well, the person I made it for is American and I wasn't about to recut the stencil for mine ;)

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SPH said...

Hey man, congratulations on the publicity! Digg is awesome exposure and you do fantastic work. I'm inspired to build my own station, though I think I'll go the not-a-toy route.

I'd like to feature your creation (I can host the photos) on my News Service, The Undead Report. Such a station should be in every home!