Friday, October 26, 2007


A shocking update to the Zombie Defence Station story. It was mentioned.... wait for it.... on the RADIO! Yeah the radio. Some radio personality included it in their often inane chatter. And what's better is that someone from Craftster who has seen the kit heard it on the radio and recognised it. I'm pretty stunned.

In other news I'm in the middle of packing and I'm hating it. I'm all alone, chilly, feeling sick to my stomache, and upset about moving. I really wish I could talk to or get a hug from certain people right now. I don't know how I'm going to be able to go back to being alone again. The thought of it really scares me.


Turns out the radio station 104.1 The Blaze is an internet radio station. So I guess my dream of being broadcast through the atmosphere isn't yet fullfilled.


Sean said...

Caught the link from crafster to here. I had this idea a while back and never acted on it, except I was going to hang my real shotgun and machete in it. I must give you mad and possibly unprecedented props for the integrated riot shield and for the sign. Completely awesome design and execution. I applaud you, sir. If you put that sign on a cafepress shirt, I'd buy it in an instant. If you have it in electronic format, I would feel honored to integrate it into my "Zombie Preparedness Kit."

SPH said...

Very fantastic man. I did a writeup about your project, but like Sean, I suggest placing a real shotgun and melee weapon inside!

Zombie Attack Defense Station - Prepare your home!

Aimee said...

JOhn! i need to buy your zombie defense kit as a wedding present.

Lloyd @ Robot Monkey Lab said...

Yes- I totally agree- I'd love to get a copy of the original image file for the information card, though.