Thursday, September 6, 2007

I'm not moving any time soon

No job yet. In fact I got 2 emails today that officially turned me down. At least I heard back though and it was exciting none the less. So scratch Hothead Games and Backbone. Whatever for hothead, but Backbone is where Brad, Justin, and Stephane all work, so that sucks to not even get an interview. However they aren't a huge developer and it really was a long shot, I just hoped that knowing people on the inside would increase my chances.
I'm really doubting that I'm going to be able to get a job for October. I think I may have to make a call to move down without a job and get something to pay the bills, or just wait until I get the job I want before moving. Both have their cons.

I found a place in town yesterday while I was out bike riding some errands and shopping for odds and ends for the zombie swap that sells freeze dried (they corrected me, it's flash frozen... whatever :P) ice cream! I haven't had it since last year at Playland. I also got myself a new incense burner and I priced out some components for my zombie swap gift. I hope my swap partner likes it.

Today after work I went to a hair salon to get a trim. I should have gotten it a bit shorter on the sides, but oh well. It was a nice experience though. I've rarely treated myself to much all summer so even though it was costly I didn't really care. Before they start they give you a scalp massage with some fragrant product and afterwards I had my hair washed. I had really forgotten how good it feels to have a massage. I haven't had a massage or a back rub in so long that I had completely forgotten that they even existed. It was really relaxing and soothing. Plus it felt really nice to have complements on my hair colour, curl, and condition. It made my day :)

Work's been fine lately. I've either gotten into a groove where I just don't care anymore and don't mind having to work, or I've hit rock bottom and I just don't care anymore and don't mind having to work. So even though I only got one day off this week I'm not too tired and I don't resent work for keeping me from doing something else with my time. Granted not having a social life is what makes that possible, but I've been trying to live a rich inner life lately.

Internally I've been in a bit of turmoil. It's tough for me to intentionally break communications with my best friend for such a long period of time with no definitive end. This time last year I was ready to uproot and move across the country just to be able to maintain the friendship, now I feel like I'm actively destroying it. It's like cutting off a limb to save the body, it feels wrong to do it. What if in doing so I lose everything? On the other hand I'm not emotionally capable of continuing the friendship right now. I just hope I'm doing the right thing, it really isn't easy and some days it really ties my stomache in knots.

Here's my new doo!

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