Monday, July 9, 2007

I got a NEW job!

COBS Bakery finally called me on back and I had a quick interview with them before getting the job as a baker. This was the job I wanted when I first started appling around town. I had my first training half-day today and I really liked it. I mixed dough, cut it down to the appropriate weight, and then shaped it so that it could sit and rise before baking. I really did enjoy it.

It's nice to work with morning people and to see the difference between evening people. Everyone at the Keg was a partier / drinker. After work people would hang out and drink beer from the tap until late, then I guess they would stumble or drunkenly drive home. I liked that when things were really busy and we had to work overtime that they gave us free drinks to keep our spirts up, but after having a free drink every night, even when it wasn't busy I have come to realise why it's called the Keg.

So after working my ass off at the Keg, I'm glad to leave it. I really think I'm going to feel a lot better physicaly by working in the mornings.

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