Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Bike Photos

Here are some pictures of me and my new bike. She's a pretty sweet ride, or at least I like it.

My dad of course has to keep pointing out that it has the same ride height as his (I was borrowing his bike), the gears aren't any higher, he has fenders for his bike he just never put them on, and anything else he picks up on that steals my thunder. I'm not letting him get to me, but it's tough. Just as I finished taking these pictures he measured the distance from the pedal to the seat on my bike to compare it to his. I don't know what he hopes to accomplish with this. Just so that he knows? I don't get it. Anyway as he measures his bike in the old wood shed area he asks me how I managed to get his bike and my mum's all tangled up. At a loss as to what to say to that, he always asks these questions where there is no correct or appropriate answer I said "I practiced", in what was quite clearly a joke. Then he added that the snow shovels were involved too and I said that I didn't have an issues getting the bike in and out with them there. I really didn't beacause I just backed the bike in slightly to go around the shovel, no big deal I thought. Well with that he marched off in a huff. I wasn't sure where he was going at first so I asked if I could put my bike back. He just said something like yeah I'm done here. I don't know how to handle him. I hadn't done anything to upset him today, and I can't think of any grudge he might be holding on me from past days, but he flipped the board over on me.

Anyway check out my sweet bike...

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