Monday, July 23, 2007

New Bike!

Oh... my... gawd!

Today after work I bought the most awesome-ist bike ever! It's exactly what I've been looking for, it was kismet, fate, love at first sight. I've fallen for the most beautiful piece of steel ever fabricated.

I was checking out some bike shop that I found the address of and they did carry used bikes but none my size. So I asked if they knew anywhere else that might have used bikes. I ended up just slightly farther down the road at a place where this nice Australian girl helped me pick out the bike of my dreams. It's a big bike to suit my massive 190 pound frame ;) It's really simple and vintage looking. It's blue with cool chrome fenders on the front and rear tyres. I really wanted fenders on a bike but I was worried they would be too costly and I'd have to settle for ugly black plastic ones. It has only one gear selector because it only has 7 gears. Which I love, because I hate fiddling with 20 odd gears that hardly change anything. It has really nice brakes and the seat is even slightly nicer than my dad's bike, which I'm borrowing. It also has a bell!

The handle bars really sucked though. They were this disintegrating black foam that made my hands go black. So I picked out a new cheap pair that they'll install for me. I also got a water bottle holder. But aside from that it's great and it was within my price range. I wanted to spend under $200 and it came to $129 with taxes and my simple changes. Plus if I have any trouble with it they'll fix it for me at no charge.

I pick it up tomorrow after they inspect it and make my modifications to it. I'm super excited. I really love the look of it. it just screams me, it's so awesome. It's right between a street bike and a mountain bike. A very generic bike. It has tyres that are less knobbly than a mountain bike, but they are still wide so I could ride on a gravel trail without issues. Plus since it looks so plain it's less likely to get stolen. I'm so in love with it. I was worried I'd have to settle for a lame wannabe mountain bike, or some street bike that I would require me to ride only on tarmac and learn to use those weird goat horn handle bars. I'm so happy right now.

I'll post lots of picture tomorrow when i pick it up. Oh I'm so happy, now I can be a hippie with a bike!

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