Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'm seeing someone....

Well after very little happening this week aside from work and much deliberation I decided to post that I have started seeing a psychologist.

I was hesitant to mention this, because I am not going to be discussing any details here. I'm just having a really difficult time emotionaly and I want to recover from this spiral dive before I get close to the ground. I'm having a hard time with moving away from my family and friends in Ontario, and I don't feel like I have any focused goals in life right now.

I probably wouldn't have done this if I had to pay for it, but since my mum works at an office of psychologists one of them was willing to see me at no charge. He seems like a nice guy, I hope he has some things for me to think about when I see him next.

Aside from that very little is going on. I have rented two Wii games in the last week. Trauma Centre and Cooking Mama. Frankly I was disapointed with both of them. I really thought I would like them, but I found them to be too mini-game like, too rigid in gameplay, and too much fluff and not enough actual gameplay. Trauma Centre ramped up the difficulty faster than I enjoyed, and cooking mama had very frustrating controls. I really expected to like them, and I'm really upset that I didn't :(

I also created a Facebook account yesterday. I never really knew what the deal with it was, but now I see it's pretty cool. Of course I have a tenth the number of friends that most people I know have, but I've never really had that many close friends.

I guess I've done more than I thought this week. I've also started working on the stenciled shirts that I bought last week. I have several stencil designs made on the computer, and one shirt awaiting a final coat of paint. I'll likely start another one tomorrow. Oh and of course I'll post pictures when they are done.

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