Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Looking for work

Hi. My name in John. I'm unemployed and I live with my parents.

I'm trying to work on the first part so that I can deal with the second part. I'm looking for a job right now. Any job will do. I really want something simple, new, and fun. I've applied at a couple places but I'm really hoping to hear back from COBS Bakery. I really want to be a baker and I want to work mornings. I really hope I get a call from them soon.

Aside from scrambling for a job I'm just trying to survive at home. I really miss being independant and I'm having a hard time dealing with all the "rules" around here. I just want to do things my own way and be left alone in peace and quiet. I'm really missing Sydney and her family too. This is really hard and I've been down this road before. Last time I moved across the country to live with her. This time I don't have that option. It's just going to be a long hard year before her schooling is over and she can even consider moving out west again. *sigh*

On the positive side the Bunnies are doing well. See.

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