Sunday, June 10, 2007

Yesterday's achievements, today's goals

Yesterday was a challenge to stay occupied and productive. I started off by making myself a new hemp necklace with the hemp and beads that Maclean and Griffin got me for Xmas or my Birthday. I don't actually recall which it was because when I got back after the holidays I was bombarded with a backlog of gifts. I really wish I had stayed in Ontario for the holidays. I didn't know this was going to be my only Xmas or Birthday with Sydney :(

After the necklace was done and How It's Made was over (good idea for a show, but bad presentation and topics) I did some work on my stenciled T-shirts. I added the text "Happy Little Shirt" to my Bob Ross shirt. Anyone who has seen the show knows that as he paints he calls things happy little trees and happy little clouds. Anyway I think it's funny and a Bob Ross fan would likely think so too! I'll have to take an updated picture of me in it and post it here. I also cut out some of the stencil for my Ben Folds shirt, but never got to ironing it down.

I think I'm going to join Craftster as well. It's a huge crafting forum and it might give me an outlet to try new things and to find fun new projects. I'll be able to communicate with people and hear other people's complements on my stuff too :) I was hesitant about doing it because Sydney has become an active member of it, but I like crafts too so why not. I used to make stuff all the time as a kid and I still like doing it. It's a good way to always have a project to work on and to make mistakes doing it. So what if a craft doesn't turn out like I wanted it to, I have to try to find out.

Not really sure what I'll be doing today. Tim is coming over for the day, along with Melody's work friend Jezzell. So today might be a little awkward as I suspect I will be reminded of the breakup a fair bit. I'll do my best though :)

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