Saturday, June 9, 2007

A new begining...

So this is it. I'm trying something new with this blog. A fresh start.

Those of you that know me might be aware that I moved from BC to Ontario while following my heart. Unfortunately for both Sydney and I things didn't work out. While I was in love with her, she couldn't leave the love of her life to be with me. I understand that though, Aaron and her have 4 years of history and have been through a lot together. Sydney loves him like I love her, in a soul mate sort of way, so I have to let her go. The single most painful moment of my life.

So now I'm trying to get back on track. I wrote myself 43 things on, you can see them here I want to craft myself a new identity. I want to find myself and be less afraid of mistakes. I hope I can do it.

So one step in acheiving my goal is to tell everyone how I feel in an effort to be more outgoing. I learned a lot from Syd, and I know that I want to be more like her, but in my own way. So I'm going to try and update this thing as often as I can. Everyday I hope I have done something worth telling someone about, if not then please, PLEASE kick me in the ass!

It turns out life is a game, and I need to treat it less seriously and enjoy myself.

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