Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back from the weekend

Well I guess I better make a post of some sort. So much happened over the weekend, but I'll give a brief overview of things.

So Saturday after work I had to rush home and drive down to the coast with my sister and her boyfriend Brett. It's about a 5 hour drive followed by a 40 minute ferry and another hour drive. I drove the whole distance with the help of 3 sodas to wake me up as I felt my eye sight starting to blur. After getting off of the ferry Kristen drove the rest of the way because she was feeling ill and thought she would feel better if she drove. Maybe if she and Brett didn't both sit in the back seat on the way down she wouldn't have felt sick.

Once we got to the cabin it was fairly late and I was super tired after being up since before dawn. My cousins were there and I got to hang out and chat with family for maybe an hour before they left. The last time I was at the cabin was with Sydney last summer, so I felt very nostalgic in seeing it again and that made me sad.

I slept late the next day and after getting everyone ready to go we went to my Grandparents house before heading to the resturant for the dinner party. It was nice to see their place again, they have done a fair bit of yard work to it. One of my cousins is staying there well she is going through a difficult time in her life. Unfortunately I didn't get to even say hi to her as she had to leave for work just as we got there. I don't think she felt up to the dinner party anyhow.

I really had forgotten how much I like my mum's side of the family. I grew up seeing my grandparents and cousins a lot more often than my relations on my dad's side, with the except of my other grandparents who lived in Sechelt with us. My grandma was really excited to see me and barely recognized me. She was really supportive of my move to Ontario and I think her easy acceptance of it made my mum more comfortable with it. I wish I could have introduced her to my Ontario family so she could see why I moved.

At the dinner I hung out with my cousins primarily. My Uncle John's kids. Megan and Jen are twins and only slightly younger than me so we have always got along really well. It's nice to see that we still do. Michael is younger than they are but his maturaity makes up for it. I used to visit them over long weekends while I was going to school in Burnaby. Now they are living on their own and when I move back to Vancouver we can hang out! We snatched up the end of one of the long dinning tables and dubbed it the Kids table for old times sake. Jen and I got a little snackered by the end of the night. She stayed the night at my grandparents and drove home the next day, while the rest of her family went home that night.

The dinner was really good, but after dinner was even better. Not only did we have two different cakes served 30 minutes apart, but we also had entertainment. My grandfather and some of his friends of various european origins were singing in German. They had an accordian and a book of songs and it was so cute and to see. It really made me excited to be related to them and a part of my family. I really loved it.

I was the only one that needed to get home at a resonable time because I worked early the next day. This was quite apparent when I was the only one trying to get ready to go. Eventually we got going and I drove the whole way home. This time Kristen sat in the front seat but as with the trip down the only sounds made were from the iPod or me saying something. They did whisper / giggle a bit once in a while but generally were dead quiet. Oh well I had tunes so I didn't feel awkward.

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