Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Caught a spider

Yesterday well I was picking up some clothes from my laundry pile a huge spider suddenly leaped off of the garment I was holding and on to my bed. I loathe spiders so naturally I was startled.

This was a huge spider I should add. I took a picture with the spider next to a pen on the bed to give a sense of scale. It was so big that I could clearly see it's giant mandibles.

So now that this spider had moved in I needed to either move out or evict it. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a tupperware container. I moved quickly in case the spider ran off well I was gone, because there would be no way I could stay in the room with it on the loose.

I took the tupperware dish and I moved it to try and capture the spider but it suddenly bolted from the bed and on to my clothes on the floor. I quickly dropped the container on him and held it down against my sweater so that it couldn't escape. Now what? I scooped the whole aparatus up and carried it to the kitchen floor where I would have room to maneuver. I lifted the tupperware off of the spider and it made a break for it. It was a fast one for it's size. I tossed the tupperware dish at it and it was trapped again.

Now I had this spider trapped on the floor but I still needed to get rid of it. It was too fast to try to scoop the lid under it so I had to be a little more tricky. I slid a small sheet of paper under the container and using it as a temporary lid I flipped the whole thing over and slammed the proper lid in place. The spider was caught.

I should have taken another picture at this point but I was too busy gloating. I even showed it to my dad was didn't really care much. Now what to do with it?

I opted for the toilet. It is a satisfying way to dispose of things. I dropped it in and sent it on it's way. I even flushed twice just to make sure it was really gone. If it wants to swim back up and into the toilet bowl after that then it's earned it's freedom.

You were a fine adversary spider but today victory belongs to me and mankind.

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